Success Stories


This isn't just a CRM, it's the Ferrari of CRMs

—Brian North, Owner and Founder of NORTH&CO.


"If you want to grow big and you want to make a lot of money, CINC is the partner to make that happen."
—Cody Gibson - CEO United Home Group, Portland Real Estate Group


"20-25% of our business comes from CINC"
—Bill Watson, ReMax Professionals The Watson Team


"CINC helps me keep people accountable"
—Angel Hernandez, Owner/Broker at Paisano Realty


"CINC is an incredible lead magnet, prospect funnel and conversion driver for our team. It's a remarkable tool, and the team at CINC is highly dedicated to providing the most innovative platform for keeping track of and converting leads. By working with CINC, we are at the forefront of real estate lead generation technology, and our business has thrived due to our partnership. It's a great asset to have viable leads right at your fingertips."


"Halfway through the year and I've made five times my investment easily. Amazing company, ridiculously innovative, and the staff listens to the clients like no other company I've ever dealt with."


"CINC has been the cornerstone of our new client acquisition for the last four years. CINC has allowed us to predict our income on a weekly, monthly and annual basis."


"I am amazed at how fast the CINC site has been developed. When we, as users, ask for a feature, it is contemplated and, if deemed a worthy feature, built into the site at breakneck speed."