No-Date Nurture

  • Motivated to Buy or Sell?
  • Have no clear timeline of when they will do so

Follow-Up Nurture

  • Motivated to Buy or Sell
  • Have set a definite date on when they will move

Hot Leads

  • Motivated to Buy or Sell
  • Have a plan to do so in the next 60 days


  • Motivated to Buy or Sell
  • Want to meet with a Realtor within 2 weeks

Return to CINC

  • NOT motivated to Buy or Sell
  • Have a bad number or say “do not call”

New Leads

  • Called within the first 5 minutes (at 97% accuracy)
  • 4 Calls and a text in the first 4 days

No-Date Nurture

  • Called every other month until timing is determined
  • Touched up to 6 more times over 12 month period

Follow-Up Nurture

  • Followed up with bi-monthly, monthly or weekly depending on timeline
  • Touched up to 6 more times over their prospective time frame

Hot Leads

  • Called every other week until ready to meet Face to Face
  • Touched up to 4 times in 60 days or less

Any Additional Buckets

  • Once a lead is put into “Face to Face”, “Agent Opportunity” or “Return to CINC” buckets, the Appointments Inc. Representative does not make any additional calls to the lead.

Hear from our clients

“It's like having 50 of your own well trained ISAs working 12 hours a day that set outstanding appointments. They are constantly adding more features as well and, hopefully, long term calling is coming soon. I highly recommend hiring them. Todd and the whole team are outstanding.”
– Steve S.

“Last year I had 36 Cinc closings total (comes to an average of 3 a month). This month alone we have 7 from Cinc. Did my ppc leads get better?? I doubt it. I do know that we're talking to a lot more people which is solely due to Ainc getting them on the phone.”
– Lucas H.

“The addition of AINC has really stepped up my teams follow-ups as well as their notes and it has given them freedom to do more productive money generating tasks while Ainc helps to filter out the good from bad and the now business.”
– Shane K.