“I double ended a listing from the Seller Suite and got that seller into a new home for about $30,000 GCI total last month. It works!”
- Andrew L.

“It's an excellent time management tool. We are able to reach out to far more people on a consistent basis and have noticed positive results in the past 2 - 3 weeks”
– Adam G.

“Just picked up a new high 600k listing yesterday because of the DISC emails. We've definitely had more conversations or responses from our leads.”
– Jonathan L.

“We have been through a string of lead gen websites and 4th time is the charm. I cannot say enough about the quality and quantity of leads we have, the support we get from the entire CINC team, not to mention the camaraderie of other users”
– CJ J.

“I will do over 80 transactions directly related to Commission Inc this year. Everything else becomes a bonus to me!”
– Creg M.

CINC has been the cornerstone of our new client acquisition for the last 4 years. CINC has allowed us to predict our income on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.”
– Pat G.

“After having commissions Inc for almost two years, it has outpaced every other lead generation program in ROI over 5x. We have now gotten rid of all the others and have allocated our marketing dollars to CINC.”
– Kris F.

“Halfway through the year and I've made five times my investment easily. Amazing company, ridiculously innovative, and the staff listens to the clients like no other company I've ever dealt with.”
– Chris C.

“Your customer service is the best. I appreciate the detailed management of your staff and company”
– Suzanne B.

In 24 hrs., I have a buyer appointment, a listing appointment (for 500k) and they want to purchase a home for 1 million or a little less. This is crazy.”
– Reginald W.

“After a text blast you helped me send to my database, I just received my first Seller call with a 600K property to sell and will buy at 350K. So, I just wanted to say thank you!”
– Jennifer P.

DISC emails are awesome!!! I can't even keep up with the responses... Everyone needs to employ this tool for all leads coming in. Don't think about it...just do it.”
- Trevor A.

"Since I first got into the real estate business, back in 1989, I have seen a lot of systems come and go, including the growth of everything on line. The biggest problem with most online marketing systems including pay per click, is that they focus on general/targeted marketing and universal offers. So agents attract wishy washy and future prospects since their messages are broad based. I often wondered how we could generate ‘sign call and referral quality’ leads on line and if that could be done, it would revolutionize the way we find business. Well I'll be damned, CINC somehow pulled that off. I don’t know how it works or how they did it, all I know is that out of all of the internet SEO and pay per click methods for getting prospects, commissions Inc is the closest system for actually generating ‘sign call and referral quality’ leads on line. I am enjoying watching our Platinum Level Program Members KILL IT with the Commissions Inc system. So much so that I jumped all over it as part of my new real estate business."
—Todd W.

CINC and their entire team is AWESOME! I have dealt with many different lead generation companies and this company is hands down in a league of their own. They operate at a high level and have an absolutely AMAZING ability to make changes at lightning speed for the betterment of their clients. I am 100% thankful and blessed that some friends of mine introduced me to Duane Leguate and the team 2 years ago or so. They started off as business contacts and know are great friends. THANK YOU Commissions Inc for providing such an incredible value to myself and my team.
—Jason S.

Commissions Inc is an incredible lead magnet, prospect funnel and conversion driver for our team. It's a remarkable tool, and the team at CINC is highly dedicated to provide the most innovative platform for keeping track of and converting leads. By working with CINC, we are at the forefront of real estate lead generation technology, and our business has thrived due to our partnership. It's a great asset to have viable leads right at your fingertips.

—Chase H.

"I am amazed at how fast the Commissions Inc site has been developed. When we, as users, ask for a feature, it is contemplated and, if deemed a worthy feature, built into the site at breakneck speed. I'm very excited about my site and look forward to what our mastermind, Duane Legate, will come up with next!"
— John M.

"Commissions Inc is the best buyer lead generation tool that we use in our business by far! It has taken the mundane task of posting to Craigs list and made it easy with two or three clicks. Those two or three clicks produce tons of free leads. I LOVE free leads! And this is the only IDX site that consistently produces them through SEO! I have tried all the competitors and have never seen the high quality of leads we get through CINC"
—Aaron K.

"In a very short time Commissions Inc has rolled out a world class real estate platform that seamlessly addresses the life cycle issues in turning a lead into a commission. They clearly have an organized and active team of real-estate agents along with their user base guiding the development as they couldn't anticipate the needs we have any other way. Keep up the great work! (Oh and thanks for the commissions.)"
—Jeff K.

"Commissions Inc Lead Generation System is the Best and most cost effective system today… There is no other system that continues to implement more new features and tools each month than Commissions Inc This is a lead generator that you must have if you want to thrive in today's dynamic market. The future is here. Be a part of this exciting new dimension in lead generation and you will experience a very high ROI."
—Jerry S. and Kathy L.

"My first experience with Commissions Inc occurred quite surprisingly entirely on its own. Unlike another IDX system which I have used in the past—where I had to relentlessly follow up and chase down a huge number of unqualified leads until I finally found that one lone real buyer—my Commissions Inc lead actually called me requesting a showing. They loved the ease of finding properties on this site, had done all their research and after showing them just three properties, they wrote a realistic offer which was quickly accepted and closed 30 days later and awarded me a $10K commission check! And that scenario has played out over and over since then. These buyers are anxious to speak to an agent."
—Lynn H. B.

"This is the only RE site designed by a team of Top Producing Agents. I know the team, and they will be making ongoing future enhancements to meet the demands of the ever-changing real estate industry. The Advisory Board of Commissions Inc is made up of top agents with boots on the ground! This is the most exciting advance in RE technology in the last 20 years. Awesome site with the needs of the agent at the forefront and improvements coming at Warp Speed. And coming very soon, a couple of changes that will separate Commissions Inc from the field and make it a total game changer."
—Lester C.