Our Service

Multifaceted Lead Generation Strategy

  • Search engine optimization

    High ranking among major search engines draws free leads to your site

  • Search engine marketing

    Ad campaigns across major search engines target even more specific leads to visit your site

  • Syndication

    Distributes your listings to millions

  • Auto-post tools

    Easy-to-use Craigslist poster and seamless integration with popular social networking sites

Customized Home Buyer-Friendly Site

  • Custom-built website with full MLS integration

    Home buyers always see the most up-to-date listings pulled from the MLS, with special emphasis on featured properties

  • Multiple lead capture points

    Capture leads from anywhere, including search results and property-specific pages

  • Customized offers based on your market

    Target specific buyers with custom landing pages

  • Automated, ongoing lead cultivation

    Produces a high percentage of interested buyers with complete, verified contact info

Manage and Distribute Leads

  • Monitor, track, and manage home buyer activity

    Informative dashboard makes it easy to sort and filter leads by vital statistics such as activity, price range, timeframe to buy, and much more

  • Watch as agents log in and manage leads

    Detailed agent activity logs allow full accountability of lead management

  • Distribute new leads based on your preferences

    Advanced settings to distribute incoming leads based on percentage, price range, location, and more